Celebrating the born day of my beautiful Granny (a few days early)! Alzheimer’s has nothing on her.. We are singing away! Melody and lyrics! #MusicTherapy #iLOVEmyFamily  (at Newport News, Virginia)
We were and will always be Kings and Queens.  #TheMetropolitanMuseum
"I’m on Vacation" - Amour 
“Ahhhhh!” - Dash
 (at family time)
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thank you NY for continuing to inspire me. #afropunk 
 📷 by @nate_nate
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Shoutout to @bowersmusik and #TheNewYorkTimes… Always honored to be recognized 

"Mr. Bowers, leading his own high-test band, showed what jazz has picked up along the edge of alternative hip-hop and R&B: grooves that feel tight but out of kilter, chord progressions of brooding cinematic effect. Much of his set featured Chris Turner, who embellished his singing with gospel swoops and stamped an anthemic song called “#TheProtestor” with an anguished ad-lib about the situation in Ferguson, Mo. The crowd hollered its approval, but later sounded just as enthusiastic about a version of the standard “Smile,” with just voice, piano and a firm foothold in tradition. "


 (at Harlem, NY)
"you make me smile with my heart…"
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"you make me smile with me heart.."
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Daily Inspiration by @kiki_elice 
(Check out her art, go to her etsy page.. She’s not only my baby momma, but she’s my best friend and I’m hella proud of her! It’s hard being a parent in NY, without any family and still pursuing your artist dream.. Well @kiki_elice and I are a living testimony that it can be done.. Your pockets might be a little lite, but you will be rich in so many other ways.) #createbeauty  (at The Romantic Movement)
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at New York, New York
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The ecstasy I feel when I lose myself onstage ☁️☁️☁️ 
#naturalHigh (at The Romantic Movement)
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Opaque  by  andbamnan